Mining comes to and end for GoldPieces/GP. We’re now a purely staking currency!

Today the GoldPieces mining period ended on block 10,080 with a final total supply of 770,000 coins! This means that GP is now a purely staking coin. The coin stakes at a rate of 500% anually, this rate will be adjusted on January 9th, 2016 to reduce coin inflation leaving us at a total supply of around 3,800,000 coins after 1 year!

We thank all who participated in the mining and distribution of this coin, we look forward to making 2015 a great year with many successful years to follow! As you know we plan on releasing several games that use GP as the in-game currency as well as integrating with existing games to facilitate cash shop transactions. Players and investors will love having lots of places to choose from when they look to put their GP to use.