Price Falls Slightly On GP, It May be A Good Time To Buy!

Hey guys, Just wanted to leave a message on the website with what has been going on with GP! Development is in motion as promised. We’re currently focused on and it’s coming together slowly and surely. This is just a first step which can be built upon for a long term substantial and safe investment. Our vision is to finalize and begin working on a new game, Trying to create 3-4 games in 2015 while at the same time giving other developers the tools and information they need to start their own games and services as well, if they like.

People panic when things aren’t being release daily, But is built upon an opensource script so while it only took a week to get the base secured, setup, and functional, the extra features take a little more time and planning, but fret not, We didn’t create this just to leave you hanging.. trust me.

The scope of this project is huge and right now is still early. For this first year we’re all staking at about 500%. In January 2016 we will set the staking % lower to reduce inflation. That means this year is great for accumulating and staking. If you’re solely interested in investing then just sit back and relax, because this team is here to stay. Set your doubt aside, we’re not wasting such a triumphant and well distributed launch by not following through!

What’s Next? game completed to a playable level - By February 21st
Marketing Plan
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