GoldPieces: It’s What’s For Dinner

Week 2 has come to an end marking another successful week for GoldPieces/GP. This week has had it’s share of ups and downs as far as the market is concerned, we saw as low as 4.2k satoshi, and as high as 9k satoshi! With a growing marketcap of 41 BTC GoldPieces is making leaps and bounds and standing strong for such a new coin thrown in the wild west of digital currency trading we are all so glued to.


Our games are coming more and more complete in terms of development, story line, and art. Recently released was a GoldPieces/GP Dice Gambling game that lets the players place bets and see if they can beat the odds to make more money than they came in with. Not only does this provide great fun for our shareholders, but also is a great way to build a community around the coin and make friends with the same interest as us: Game and GoldPieces! Take a look at because as we say: you should roll with us..

GoldPieces Dice

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GoldPieces/GP now openly trading on Bittrex, YoBit, C-CEX


Hey guys, lots of progress has been made with GoldPieces in the last couple days. We have found ourselves being accepted and trading on three exchanges! GP/BTC Market GP/BTC Market GP/BTC Market

This is great news for the coins economy is expanding and evolving as we hoped. There is much to be done now to further the development of GP. This is just the first step in many to building a truly innovative and useful coin for gamers and investors alike. Our first premier property is being developed and tested and we hope to be up and accepting registrations in the near future.

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