GoldPieces/GP now openly trading on Bittrex, YoBit, C-CEX


Hey guys, lots of progress has been made with GoldPieces in the last couple days. We have found ourselves being accepted and trading on three exchanges! GP/BTC Market GP/BTC Market GP/BTC Market

This is great news for the coins economy is expanding and evolving as we hoped. There is much to be done now to further the development of GP. This is just the first step in many to building a truly innovative and useful coin for gamers and investors alike. Our first premier property is being developed and tested and we hope to be up and accepting registrations in the near future.

To go along with the game we’re planning a payment platform with game creators and players in mind. We have decided to call this project “” and this will include a way for existing games to implement GP if only to accept it as a payment method for their premium upgrades and items. Be sure to signup at our community forums to pitch in ideas for the first game release, and the payment solutions in development.