Day 2 of Mining GoldPieces, Our First Exchange, 0.02$ Per Coin!

Day 2 of GoldPieces 1 week mining period is coming to a close and it was another succesful day to say the last. The price held steady at $0.02 USD cents (0.0001 BTC per coin all day with a nice plump order book considering it being only the second day of our POW period.


In addition to being a great second day of mining with lots of hashes and words of positivity being thrown around we were also introduced into our very first GP/BTC market! This was a huge step no one truly expected to happen so abruptly but we were all pleasantly surprised when it did! Click here to visit the GP/BTC market now.

We also had a “block explorer” created for GP. A block explorer lets us navigate all transactions. With this tool you can check your balances, see all deposits to a specific address, see how many confirms on your most recent transaction and more. Visit the GoldPieces Block Explorer website.

As you can see its been a very eventful two days bringing the GoldPieces network online and establishing our brand in the digital currency realm. We look forward to many more good days to come!